Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Back in Commission

Okay, it's been eight years since I published a blog post. Once Jim and I actually got working on the new Omaha pages, I had precious little energy to do this, and whatever comments or communication I had went straight to the members of the "Cat-Dancing-With-OMAHA™" Yahoo Group.

Now, the project has been completed at last! The final volume, Vol. 8 of The Complete Omaha from NBM, is at press and copies will be available at the San Diego Comicon.

And so will I!

Yep, i'm gonna be there, thanks to NBM and my employer at the NRHEG Star Eagle newspaper where I work. I will be at the NBM booth signing, doing sketches, selling whatever merchandise I can drag along, and probably some original Omaha pages, plus visiting with fans. I'm a little old for this sort of thing and have never done it on my own before, but I'm game, and it's going to be an interesting experience.

Thanks to everyone for supporting Jim and me all these years, and still caring.